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Why pay for a new roof when you don't need one?

A roofing company may try to sell you a new roof, even when one is not economical, cost-effective, or necessary. This is because a roofing contractor is not always adept at doing residential roof repair or commercial roof repair. Sometimes, a simple roof coating is all it takes to perform a "stop leak" repair. We will perform a skilled, thorough, and honest roof inspection to determine if a new roof is necessary. Depending on the roof's condition, we may recommend a double roof coating using an aluminum asphalt emulsion. Such treatment will provide guaranteed "stop leak" as well as protect, renew, and extend roof life. Such residential roof repair or commercial roof repair is a more affordable and cost-effective option than buying a new roof. It is also more eco-friendly, since the existing roof is not scrapped, and much of our repair supplies count as green material.

What if a new roof is needed?

Our roofing company will offer you a clear and concise work proposal to look over and consider. Before you make your decision on purchasing a new roof, we advise obtaining at least two additional roof estimates from Los Angeles area roofing companies.

Our guarantee

Whether you decide to go with simple roof coating, roof repair, or a completely new roof, we provide fully outlined and guaranteed warranties to give you peace of mind.