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A Home Inspection Is Not a Roof Inspection

Roof inspections are key to protecting your most important investment: your home. The typical home inspection, which is performed during a home sale, does not assess the actual condition of the roof. Therefore, roof inspections are critical during the purchase of a new home, while the property is in escrow. Lamb Roofing is a Los Angeles based company which specializes in roofing inspection.

The Roofing Inspection Process

We first conduct an interior roof inspection to determine if there is moisture intrusion and, if so, its origin. We then perform an exterior inspection to learn about the condition of and previous repairs on the roof. Water diversion systems such as ridges, caps, drains, downspouts, and gutters are checked. Flashings and protrusions such as roof pipes, chimneys, vents, alleys, and mounting HVAC units are inspected.

The Roof Inspection Report

In addition to estimating the life expectancy of the roof, we will provide you with a written inspection report. This report will list the types of roof repairs needed, or even if a new roof is recommended. We will also generate a separate (and easy to read) proposal for the cost of repair or installation. The roof proposal will be sent via e-mail or FAX on the same day as the report.

The Roof Certificate

After the on-site inspection is performed, we will certify that your roof has been inspected and provide you with a roof certificate. If roof repair or replacement is needed and you choose Lamb Roofing for this service, your roof inspection fee will be 100% deducted.