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What is roof certification?

Roof certification is the process of estimating the remaining life of a roof based on its inspected condition. The roof inspection is performed by a roofing contractor who inspects the roofing material for loose/missing roof shingles, give, and the flashing condition. Roofing protrusions such as drains, downspouts, gutters, and vents also undergo inspection. The roofing contractor then generates the roof certificate, certifying its inspection and remaining lifespan in writing.

What if roof repair is required?

A roofing contractor may discover significant issues while performing a roof inspection. Roof repair is recommended when the condition of the roof is deteriorated to the point where the roofing company and/or roofer cannot guarantee its integrity.

How do roof certificates sell homes?

A roof certificate is often required by the insurance company and/or lending institution before the insurance policy and/or mortgage loan is approved. In most cases, lenders and banks require a life expectancy of two years or more on the roof before approving the loan.

Many Los Angeles homeowners request a roof certificate while selling their home because it gives home buyers peace of mind during the sales process. Home buyers will even have a roofing company of their own choosing perform the roofing inspection if the homeowners do not provide a roof certificate for the home.

Lamb Roofing and Roof Certification

As part of the roofing certification process, Los Angeles based Lamb Roofing performs roof inspections, roof repairs, and new roof installations. Lamb Roofing can provide roof certificates to homeowners, realtors, insurance companies and lending institutions on all types of roofs, including tile and metal roofs.