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About Us

Our History

Since its founding in 1988, Lamb Roofing has been dedicated to serving customers' roofing, roof repair and roof replacement needs. Our team of highly skilled professionals has a strong record of excellence and is committed to advising and helping customers not just during a short-term job but, more importantly, over the entire lifespan of their roof.

Our People

Lamb Roofing is a highly skilled, licensed roofing and building company serving the Los Angeles area for over 30 years. Our office manager and owner, Lauren Berryhill is affiliated with several eco-friendly organizations.

A business is defined by its integrity and reputation. To this end, Lauren and our staff follow a Code of Conduct that helps ensure customer satisfaction both today and tomorrow. After all, our goal is to not only inspire your trust and confidence during the time that the service is performed, but also years down the line, when that roof repair or roof replacement job has long since been completed. At Lamb Roofing, our Code of Conduct rests on four pillars:


We assess the true cost of a job and present you with several options and job plans.


We accept the consequences of our actions and do not blame others. We take immediate steps to rectify the situation and implement safeguards to ensure that the situation is not repeated.


We do not sell services that you do not need. We also do not omit certain repair options simply because they are more cost effective and therefore result in a smaller profit for us. For example, roof repair can often preclude roof replacement and cost far less money.


We respect all legal and business practice regulations. We obtain manufacturer agreement prior to selling our roofing materials and do not traffic in counterfeit goods. We do not perform any roof work without prior city and county authorization.